Game influences: TradeWars 2002

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Game influences: TradeWars 2002

by membrane » Mon Mar 06, 2017 1:44 pm ... ewars-2002

"Most strategy games make use of hidden information to give players more interesting gameplay decisions, and Star Commander is no exception. Unlike a game such as Chess in which both players can see the whole board at all times, Star Commander is able to present each player with a separate view of the game state, thereby forcing them to act based on incomplete knowledge. For example, the game adds a degree of combat uncertainty by hiding precise enemy ship capabilities until the player is able to get in close for a scan. Too much uncertainty can be as unfun as too little, though, and so we'd still like to give players some indication of an unknown ship's strength. Star Commander does so in a manner inspired by our game influence for today: TradeWars 2002."